Free heat transfer samples?
You betcha.

We get it - there are a lot of heat transfer options out there. It's tough choosing the best option for you. So we thought it'd be helpful if we let folks try out our transfers at home, for free!

Best part? All of our sample pack transfers are 8" wide, so you can really get a feel for them. Not like the super small samples you get from those other guys.

Go ahead - don't keep your heat press waiting. 


Hi, You. Meet The Essentials.

What's Inside?

The FREE Essentials Sample Pack includes all of the heat transfer formulas we manufacturer. It even includes application instructions and a super easy-to-use fabric guide.

  • Original Full Color Formula
  • Varsity 1 Color Formula 
  • Puff 1 Color Formula
  • Puff Multidimensional
  • Vintage 2 Color Formula
  • Nylon 1 Color Formula
  • Classic 2 Color Formula
  • Original+ Blocker Full Color Formula
  • Stretch 1 Color Formula
  • Non Woven 1 Color Formula

How Does It Work?


You Order It

The "Essentials" Sample Pack is free!


We Print It and Mail It

We'll mail your Sample Pack super quick!


You Press It

Apply them with a commercial heat press!

Want to know what our stock color palette looks like, IRL?


Stock Color Swatch Kit

All standard stock colors and application instructions


Puff Color Swatch Kit

All 9 puff colors and application instructions


Metallic  Swatch Kit

All 12 metallic colors and application instructions

Get The Works for only $15

Want all of it at the same time? Order The Works! It includes everything that's in the Essentials and all Color Swatch Kits.

We know - we're just as excited.


Once you've placed your order: all done!

In just a few days, you'll have a beautiful selection of high-quality heat transfers in your mailbox, ready to apply with your heat press!


Questions or need help getting started? Email and someone from our Sales Team will guide you through the process!

Sample Packs are only available to to ship to the United States, Puerto Rico, US or British Virgin Islands, and Canada. Other international shipping is not currently available.